Basmati Rice

Basmati, meaning ‘Queen of Fragrance’ is a variety of
long-grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavor.


Colour Basmati rice has a distinct translucent, almost pearly creamy white colour. Although brown Basmati rice is also produced, the white polished variety is better preferred over it.
Grain Basmati rice is known to have long and slender grains. This forms one of the key characteristics for its recognition.
Shape Another factor for identification of basmati rice is its unique shape. The length to breadth ratio of basmati rice grain is equal to or more than three is to one and has a delicate curvature.
Texture Basmati rice grains have a silky texture and the grains are firm, separate and dry. Upon cooking the grains remain separate and become fluffy.
Elongation Basmati rice grains upon cooking elongate to nearly or more than double the length of the uncooked grain with minimal or no fattening.
Fragrance Basmati rice is famous for its unique and enticingly supreme aroma even in the uncooked state.
Flavour The grains of basmati rice boast of a rich appetising flavour. The delectable taste of the basmati rice is an extremely magnificently delicate blend of nutty and sweet flavours.


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