About Sea Salt

Sea Salt Story

Salt is one of the three foremost ingredients to sustain a human life along with air and water.

Sea salt is a type of salt that is formed from natural organic sea water with no additives in the sea by sun and wind. The benefits of sea salt are countless. Sea salt contains 84 minerals such as iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium which are very beneficial for our health and help our body perform vital functions. The minerals also help the human body to fight various diseases.

Benefits & Uses of Sea Salt

  • The fluoride in sea salt is extremely useful for oral hygiene. It particularly helps with dental pain and gum ailments. We can also benefit from mouthwash made of sea salt.
  • It is very useful in getting rid of body pain. While using during the bath, it relieves the pain of bones and muscles by relaxing them.
  • Sea salt, which is very useful for sinusitis patients, cleans the sinuses in the nose and prevents bloating.
  • It regulates blood pressure, provided that it is not overused.
  • Sea Salt is also widely used in the chemical industry as shown below.