Sea Salt Factory

Our Sea Salt Factory

Raw Salt is first harvested from the ponds and then is transferred to the processing plant where a multi-stage process gets conducted. The steps involved are:



The raw salt is first washed thoroughly to make sure no dirt, stones or any kind of foreign particles are passed with the salt.



Once the salt is washed, it goes through the automated process of drying.



Sieving is the process where salt particles of different sizes are separated so that we can provide our customers with the coarse size they want.



After sieving, our salt goes through the further stage of grading where the broken pieces of salt are separated from the required coarse size which our customer wants.



Agro Hub provides both bulk packaging as well as packaging for our customer’s private labels.


Sea salt is naturally harvested and dried in the sun and sea salt contains 84 mineral elements (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and more) that are essential in very small amounts for a variety of functions in the body.

Research shows that our body contains the same concentration of minerals that sea salt contains.

Since the human body has the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as seawater, sea salt works naturally to help balance, protect and restore the skin.

8 Awesome Benefits of Sea Salt:
• Keeps you hydrated.
• Reduces fluid retention.
• A great source of minerals.
• Balances electrolytes.
• Prevents muscle cramps.
• Great for skin health.
• Improves digestion.
• Nourishes the adrenal glands.

We offer the high-quality sea salt, our warehouse facility and infrastructure make Agro Hub one of the largest exporters from Pakistan. Our product is always available in various sizes and packaging.