PDV Salt (Pure Dried Vacuumed)

PDV Salt (Pure Dried Vacuumed)

  • High-purity vacuum salt
  • Sodium chloride level -> 100% / (99.8% and up also acceptable)
  • Refining of salt is basically an automated process to remove visible and invisible impurities found in raw salt.
  • This method involves complete dissolution of raw sea salt in water.
  • Dissolved salt crystals are formed from the solution under high temperature and vacuum. Consisted salt crystals are dehydrated at high temperatures. These white, pure and free-flow salt crystals are packed with full automated machines before reaching our tables.
  • For health and practical use, the refined salt produced by this method, with its whiteness, flowability, purity and homogeneous crystal structure is more superior than the salts produced by other methods.
  • Every piece of PDV salt must be round shaped.
  • Potassium iodide or sodium iodide is added in according to customer requirement and regulations of the country of destination.

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