Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing Process

The cultivation of rice begins by planting water-soaked seeds in a properly prepared bed. The seedlings are transplanted to the paddy when they reach a certain size. When the grains begin to ripen, the water is drained from the fields. Harvesting begins when the grain yellow and the plants start to droop.

After harvesting rice, it is transferred to the processing plant where foreign objects and like stones and tree stumps are removed using Destoner. Rice is prepared through a multi-stage process of:



Hulling is an agricultural process where rice is hulled which is the process of removing the hull from the rice. Depending on the region of the world that the rice is being produced, it is either hulled by an automated machine that grinds the rice or by hand. When done by hand, the rice is ground between two stones to remove the hull. Once the rice is hulled, it is known as brown rice.



In order to produce white rice, one additional step has to be taken. The rice product has to be further milled in order to produce white rice. The bran layers on the outside of the rice are gently removed to reveal the inner, white grain.



The white grain produced after the milling stage is further polished to produce the shinier and whiter grain.



After polishing, our rice go through the further stage of grading where the broken pieces of grain are separated from the fully gown grain to provide the best quality to our customers.



Finally, the rice goes through the stage of color sorting which further makes sure no brown rice are included in our final product of white, shinier rice.



Agro Hub provides both bulk packaging as well as packaging for our customer’s private labels.

We offer the premium quality rice, our warehouse facility and infrastructure make Dorson Commodities one of the largest exporters from Pakistan. Our product is always available in various sizes and packaging.