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Laboratory Quality Assurance (QA) encompasses a range of activities that enable laboratories to achieve and maintain high levels of accuracy and proficiency despite changes in test methods and the volume of specimens tested.

Laboratory Standardization is achieved when test results have the same analytical accuracy and precision across measurement systems, laboratories, and over time.

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOPs) – Each laboratory method is clearly described in standard operating procedures. These methods are periodically reviewed for updates.

TRAINING – Tests are performed by trained staff members. Each staff member must meet performance criteria before performing a test.

RELIABLE AND WELL-MAINTAINED EQUIPMENT – Each instrument is operated by trained staff members. Maintenance logbooks are kept for each instrument. The instruments are calibrated according to manufacturer guidelines and in accordance to the relevant SOPs. Balances, pipettes and other measuring devices are calibrated frequently.

TRACEABILITY – Analytical standards used are traceable to certified reference materials. Internal reference materials are checked as far as is technically and economically practicable.

ANNUAL REVIEW OF QC RESULTS – The results of proficiency testing and QC results are annually evaluated for trends. A system of control charts is used to determine if the system is in a state of statistical control and examine the relative variability of repetitive data. Control charts are also used with reference materials and spiked samples to assess the accuracy of measurements.

PROFICIENCY TESTINGS –Regular participation in proficiency tests, involving the analyses of samples helps us increase our confidence and enables us to improve our analytical techniques. We take part in number of international proficiency testing programs offered by certified labs worldwide.

INTERNAL AUDITS – We preform regular internal audits of our lab and QA department, this helps us identify any gaps and improves our process controls.

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